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If you have an idea for a project that you believe will impact the progress of our planet and are looking for the funds to do so on a larger scale you’ve come to the right place.

You could go to sites like GoFundMe or KickStarter to achieve your fundraising goals, but as of December 2, 2019, the success rate of a fully funded project on Kickstarter’s website is 37.44 percent.

Infographics_Unsuccessful Crowdfunding.p

Hyver Works. reduces the impact these characteristics hold over the success or failure of your crowdfunding project by incentivizing individuals to seek out projects, share them with friends, family, and colleagues, and contribute to them financially.

If you want to learn more about how Hyver Works can help click the button below to be contacted over email or phone. Contact us now to become a part of the first projects to be funded by LvL Up World. The Crowdfunding Game.

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