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“I want to bring people entertainment they can enjoy for endless hours while at the same time enabling them to impact the progress of our planet.”
-Kareem Hyver,
Founder of Hyver Works. 

Conceived amidst the chaos of 2020, Hyver Works. LLC. was created to use the power of entertainment to bring humanity together in the name of progress. Hyver Works objective is to create the most immersive digital experiences ever and use them to empower progress on the planet.

To demonstrate Hyver Works ability to accomplish it's mission, in August of 2020 it announced the concept for its first product , LvL Up World. The online crowdfunding arcade helping connect individuals and organizations with an idea to improve our planet, to a community of gamers motivated to help.

After nearly a year of learning and honing our skills, Hyver Works is proud to announce it will be launching its first ever game, The Tales of Redbox: An Escape from Desire on Steam  and By using the profits and publicity from the game, Hyver Works will assist the Azrou Tehaddi Association, a Moroccan organization in the small city of Azrou that provides extra assistance to children and adults with special needs in helping the 40 individuals in its care grow, contribute to their communities, and live more independent lives. The organization has a passenger van will enable them to transport children and adults in their care to and from school and work and they need your help to get it running. Click the button below to learn more.

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No Cheaters, Liars, or Thieves

Hyver Works will work to ensure it provides a trusted service to all its clients and customers through receiving accreditations and certifications in all matter of business it attends to. In order to accomplish the Hyver Works mission, it must partner with other organizations and individuals whose goals align with its own. It is the responsibility of Hyver Works to ensure these individuals and organizations can be trusted to uphold the promise Hyver Works makes to its customers.

Just Keep Giving

Give to make the lives of others better. Hyver Works goes above and beyond to give people good entertainment and a direct line to help give to individuals and organizations working to impact the world we live in.

Nothing to Hide

Progress comes through the record of new knowledge. The more knowledge shared, the greater likelihood of it being put to good use. Hyver Works will provide every opportunity for transparency in its journey for the pursuit of progress.

The Golden Rule

Treat others how you would like to be treated. Hyver Works would like to be treated with respect, welcomed into a community, and, if necessary, receive help from the community’s members. It in turn will do the same.

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